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76th Toy and Advertising Auction

Completed | Default auction

02.03.2018 – 03.03.2018

1008 Results


Schuco, Motorrad Mirakomot

Starting price 90 EUR

Schuco, Motorrad Mirakomot, US Z. Germany, 13 cm, Blech, UW ok, min. LM, Chromtank angelaufen, Z 2

Schuco, Motorbike Mirakomot, US Z. Germany, tin, cw ok, min. paint d., tank out of chrome faded, C...


M., Comical Driver

Starting price 90 EUR

M., Comical Driver, Japan, 14 cm, Blech, UW + Function ok, Okt Z 1, Z 1

M., Comical Driver, Japan, tin, cw + function ok, box C 1, C 1


Schuco, Comic Purzel Maus

Starting price 90 EUR

Schuco, Comic Purzel Maus, Germany, 12 cm, UW ok, Z 2+

Schuco, Tumbling Cartoon Mouse, Germany, cw ok, C 2+


Lehmann, "Gustav der Müller" + 2 Kreisel

Starting price 80 EUR

Lehmann, "Gustav der Müller" + 2 Kreisel, Germany VK, 8-48 cm, Blech, UW + Funktion defekt, Antriebskordel fehlt, teilw. nicht original, sonst guter Zustand

Lehmann, "Gustav der Müller" + 2 Gyros, ...


Gama, Space Fahrzeug Tap Tap

Starting price 80 EUR

Gama, Space Fahrzeug Tap Tap, W.-Germany, 26 cm, Kst, Funktion ok, Okt Z 1, Z 1

Gama, Space Vehicle Tap Tap, W.-Germany, plastic, function ok, box C 1, C 1


Bandai, 2x Chevrolet Corvair

Starting price 80 EUR

Bandai, 2x Chevrolet Corvair, Japan, 21 cm, Blech, Friktion 1x ok + 1x schwergängig, Z 2

Bandai, 2x Chevrolet Corvair, Japan, tin, friction 1x ok + 1x stiff, C 2


2 Turnerinnen

Starting price 80 EUR

2 Turnerinnen, France, 43 cm, Blech, 2 Celluloid Figuren, Funktion ok, Okt Z 3+, Z 2+

2 Gymnasts, France, tin, figures out of celluloide, funcion ok, box C 3+, C 2+


DBS, Ikarus Nachbau Kranich

Starting price 80 EUR

DBS, Ikarus Nachbau Kranich, 28 cm, Blech, UW ok, Z 2+

DBS, Ikarus Reproduktion Common Crane, tin, cw ok, C 2+


Köhler, Hase + Ente,

Starting price 80 EUR

Köhler, Hase + Ente, W.-Germany, 11 + 17 cm, Blech, UW ok, min. LM, 1 x Okt Z 2, Z 1-2/2

Köhler, Rabbit + Duck, W.-Germany, tin, cw ok, min. paint d., 1 x box C 2, C 1-2/2


Herpa, Lufthansa Boeing 737

Starting price 70 EUR

Herpa, Lufthansa Boeing 737, W.-Germany, 16 cm, GemBw, Okt Z 1, Z 1

Herpa, Lufthansa Boeing 737, W.-Germany, mixed constr., box C 1, C 1


Gama, Space Fahrzeug Alpha 7

Starting price 70 EUR

Gama, Space Fahrzeug Alpha 7, W.-Germany, 30 cm, Kst, Funktion ok, Okt Z 1, kleiner Riss in Kanzel, sonst sehr guter Zustand

Gama, Space Vehicle Alpha 7, W.-Germany, plastic, function ok, box C 1, ...


Göso, Autoschnellwäsche

Starting price 70 EUR

Göso, Autoschnellwäsche, W.-Germany, 45 cm, Kst, Funktion ?, Okt Z 2-, Band klemmt, Z 2

Göso, Express Car Wash, W.-Germany, plastic, function ?, box C 2-, belt sticks, C 2


Wüco, HK: 2 Sportwagen

Starting price 70 EUR

Wüco, HK: 2 Sportwagen, W.-Germany, 21 + 22 cm, Blech, Friktion ok, 1x min. LM, Z 1-/1

Wüco, HK: 2 Sportscars, W.-Germany, tin, friction ok, 1x min. paint d., C 1-/1


Technofix, Motorrad No 15

Starting price 70 EUR

Technofix, Motorrad No 15, W.-Germany, 18 cm, Blech, Friktion schwergängig, min. LM, Z 1-2

Technofix, Motorbike No 15, W.-Germany, tin, friction stiff, min. paint d., C 1-2


Haji, Station Wagon

Starting price 60 EUR

Haji, Station Wagon, Japan, 20 cm, Blech, Friktion ok, Z 2+

Haji, Station Wagon, Japan, tin, friction ok, C 2+


Schuco, Yes No Affe

Starting price 60 EUR

Schuco, Yes No Affe, Germany, 13 cm, GemBw, Blechgesicht, Funktion ok, min. LM, Z 1-

Schuco, Yes No Monkey, Germany, mixed constr., face out of tin, function ok, min. paint d., C 1-


Future Car

Starting price 60 EUR

Future Car, 26 cm, Blech, Bat. Antrieb nicht geprüft, min. LM, Plexiglasdach zerkratzt, sonst guter Zustand

Future Car, tin, not checked, min. paint d., roof out of plexi glass scratched,...


Yone, Space Boat

Starting price 50 EUR

Yone, Space Boat, Japan, 20 cm, Blech, Bat. Antrieb defekt, Antriebsrad lose, min. LM, optisch Z 2

Yone, Space Boat, Japan, tin, bat. drive defective, drive wheel loose, min. paint d., visually C ...


Chad Valley, Fernlenkauto

Starting price 50 EUR

Chad Valley, Fernlenkauto, England, 19 cm, Blech, Funktion nicht geprüft, Okt unkomplett, Z 2+

Chad Valley, Remote Control Car, England, tin, function not checked, box not complete, C 2+


Kellermann, 2 Ansteckfiguren

Starting price 50 EUR

Kellermann, 2 Ansteckfiguren, Germany VK, 11 cm, Blech, min. LM, Z 1-2

Kellermann, 2 Badges, Germany pw, tin, min. paint d., C 1-2


Lehmann, Bibi

Starting price 50 EUR

Lehmann, Bibi, Germany VK, 10 cm, Blech, LM, Z 2-

Lehmann, Bibi, Germany pw, tin, paint d., C 2-



Starting price 50 EUR

Motorrad, Japan, 9 cm, Blech, Friktion ok, min. LM, Z 2+

Motorbike, Japan, tin, friction ok, min. paint d., C 2+



Starting price 50 EUR

Stromlinienfahrzeug, Germany VK, 15 cm, Blech, UW ok, LM, Z 2

Stream Line Vehicle, Germany pw, tin, cw ok, paint d., C 2


Franck, Elektromann Baukasten + 6x "Die laufende Figur"

Starting price 30 EUR

Franck, Elektromann Baukasten + 6x "Die laufende Figur", Germany, Okt Z 2, Z 2

Franck, Elektromann Construction Kit + 6x "Die laufende Figur", Germany, box C 2, C 2

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